Heya. :D

I haven't written for agggesss. I'm... Sorry? Haha!

Well, play and earn. Hmmm.. Who likes it? Everyone. :D I would explain, but I'm suere everyone's read about it too many times so I won't say anything else about it. :)

New news! Not many know about this... Now, new members get like, LOADS of free things! Have a look at this! (I made an account on Stardoll just so that I could post pictures on here) It's all the free things new members get:

-A sitting chair
-A table
-Cup, bowl thingy
-Two small boxes
-10 Gifts (It says Gift 1/10 ...)
-(In all) 75 Stardollars!!! That's more then an English SMS Code!!

But Stardoll aren't doing this because they're nice, they're doing it so that they get their members to stay on Stardoll because they've obviously worked out that most (okay.. exaggerating?) of their members have only ever been on it once.
Oh, and they get free clothes:Two basic white t-shirts, a pair of trainers, a pair of sort-of see-through high heels, basic black tights, blue jeans, a black skirt and a black scarf. In all, that's 8 pieces of clothing items! Not the most fashionable things I've seen but they are all 0 Stardollars. Way unfair to the rest of us members!

Stay True..x

P.S I will try and post posts more. :)