Look Like Miley Cyrus!

Hello Fabulous Readers,

Have you always wanted your MeDoll to look like a celebrity? Miley Cyrus by any chance? ;) Read on and you'll find out how. :) Sorry it's not the best result ever, but, you know, it looks good. :)
I know it's very expensive, but it's a really nice outift (I think so anyway :) ). The Hotbuys jacket doesn't look anything look the picture, but it just adds a bit of glam to the outfit. I was lucky finding the legwarmers, they're pretty much exact! Also, the Stardoll bag is basically a Hotbuy of Miley's bag in the picture - if that makes sense. :)

Stay True..x

Like This Outfit?


So, I've had a bit of an ELLE makeover because of the ELLE Sale (How awesome is it!!). Check it out:
It's not ELLE, just most of it is. I love it. :) The hair colour looks pretty stunning. :)
The outfit didn't cost that much for me, because I already owned all the Stardoll things so that took of a bit of money. :)

I hope you like it:)

Stay True..x

Play With Me :)

Want to Advertise your blog?


If you want to advertise your blog, then send me the link by mail on Stardoll to my Stardoll username: Kelzsprouse_1.
For those who don't know, by link, I mean Tinypic. Look at the tutorial on (my new blog) http://howtostardollstyle.blogspot.com/ for how to do that.

Stay True..x

P.S. After you've uploaded it, make sure you send me the 'Direct Link For Layouts' link.

Makeover! (Superstar)


So, I was shopping at Starplaza (with no Stardollars...) when I decided to make another post using the clothes at Starplaza.Colour theme: Natural, brown colours
Price: 63 Stardollars (Hey! You can use the clothes again!)
Superstar or Non-Superstar: Superstar(Click To Enlarge)

How to create the make up look:(Click To Enlarge)

Do Enjoy! :)

Stay True..x

Like My Designs? :)


So, yesterday, I couldn't stand not being SS any longer and sent 'DOLL' to 78889 and became Superstar once again.
With the 50 Stardollars and my 14 I'd been saving up + the Play & Earn money and started spending! (I bought the new HB Blue bag! I l-o-v-e it!). I decided to finally buy some designs of mine that I'd been waiting to buy (and Thatgirlsophy's ah-mazing Topshop top!). Here they are:I made the Jonas Brothers one Joe instead of Nick or Kevin because he's my fave. Plus, his name is a lot easier to do. Haha!
I made New Moon instead of Twilight and/or Eclipse because I'd just finished reading it and it's also (in my opinion) the easiest to make.
The Chanel one. Well, personally, I love it. I thought of the idea and I think it came out pretty good!
And the last 0ne, well, I only made it because I only had to spend $2 on it! Haha!

Did you catch that? I only had to spend $2 on a top - that usually costs about... $6? It's because Simple and Stardoll have paired together to advertise eachother (most probably anyway!). Well, they're onlt $2 because of a competition going on, but if they weren't pairing together, then there wouldn't be any competition. :)

Stay True..x


OMG! My counter's started again!!
Before it said like 475, but now it's started all over again! GR!

Who Wears It Best?


I am going to make a 'Who Wears It Best' post today. :)
It's going to be on the Hotbuys Part Dress.
Who do you think wears it best?

(Sorry for the answers not showing up, I don't know why it's doing that, the first on is Cltreanor etc. - it's in order)

Best Competitions...


I've been entering some competitions today. Gossip-Stardoll's competitions!
They're really easy to enter, all you have to do (in most of the comps anyway), is dress up a doll. I've entered the MK Dress competition (http://gossip-stardoll.blogspot.com/2009/05/win-mk.html), the Vivienne Tam competition (http://gossip-stardoll.blogspot.com/2009/05/win-both-vivienne-tam-collections.html) and the Elle competition (http://gossip-stardoll.blogspot.com/2009/05/win-elle-collection-1.html).
To enter, you have to (preferablly) make a (tinypic) link to your entry instead of use your Stardoll album etc..
These are my entries:
This one is for the MK dress. You don't have to dress up Jade Jagger, just a doll in the 'Models' section.This one is for the ELLE competition. You had to dress up this doll exactly. This dress was inspired by the pink one worn by Isla Fisher in Confessions of a Shopoholic.And finally, this one is for the Vivienne Tam competition. You had to dress up the Spring '08 or Fall '08, however, I did both. ;)

Have a look at them - they're worth entering.

Stay True..x


Tired of Stardoll?

Hey Readers,

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've been on a school trip.

So, I logged on to Stardoll after about 4 days of an absence to find out that my superstar had ran out. Great.
Also, I saw that the new Philosophy was out (thanks for posting that Olivia!). I don't/didn't have any Stardollars.
After logging on here and checking on my updates, I saw the new Hotbuys are coming out soon. Expensive!
I haven't got any Stardollars to buy all these things! The prices are outrageous! $24 for a (gorgeous...) dress! Oh my God!
I just really cannot be bothered with Stardoll anymore. But at the same time I can be bothered with Stardoll. It's obsessive. In a bad way. Stardoll's the thing I do. I turn on my laptop, click on Mozilla Firefox and log onto my homepage: Stardoll.
Despite that, I want to leave Stardoll. I am TIRED of the prices! Stardoll used to be a friendly website - THAT WAS CHEAP - but now is a bitchy expensive website.
I'm might leave. Or at least not spend anymore money on it. Try.

This Deserves A Post!

Wow. Right? (By the way sorry about not having my name label thing. It's Kelzsprouse_1. :) )
This Stardoll member is a "famous" one. Although I'd only just heard of her...
I just thought her suite deserved a post on here. It's the first suite since Bella_La_Swan (I'm going to try and post her suite down as well.) that I've actually gone 'No Way!' at. It's so unique! Paris! Lots of Stardoll member have ah-mazing suites, but not like this one. Malgosia245's suite is outstanding! And her hair (the horse tails) adds more of a 'wow' into her suite. ;)

This is a front garden by the looks of it. The details are amazing! She's used a pond as a bird bath and a fashion screen as the top of the windows!

This looks like a ship-take off (if that's what you call it! :P). She's even got a 'Titanic' sign on the boat!
On the other half of this room, she's used lots of the leopard print mat as a gorgeous dress. She's so imaginative!

This room is a beach, used with the scenario 'Pier'. Again, it's unbelievably imaginative. She's used a necklace for more detail and a stand (the spikey fashion one) as a tree by the lighthouses!

This is a back garden. Even more imaginative! She's made a wishing well, another clever pond and even a barbeque with a roasting pig! Haha!

Sorry I haven't uploaded all the rooms, but if you want to see them all, go to:


American Dolls vs English Dolls

Ello :)

The obvious winner out of the two countries in the title is obvious. America. But does that mean that the American dolls on Stardoll have to win? No. There are obviously more American members then there are English on Stardoll, but there are still millions of English members, so why can't we get good dolls?
Have a look at this:
This is an American celeb (click to enlarge). Look at all the details. The colour, the hair, the clothes etc. . It all looks real. But it's an American celebrity. What do you expect?

This is an English celeb. Now notice
lack of details. The colour, the hair, the face. Leona's hair is not that colour and her skin is certainly not that colour. The face is also not very real and/or alike. But again, what do you expect? It's an English celeb.

Well I think that settles it. The American celebrities on Stardoll look more real, get more real clothes (and also clothes that they have worn) and altogether get a better Stardoll doll. Stardoll just can't be bothered to impress English (and other countries; I'm not good at geography. Haha!) members.

Stay True..x

P.S. I hope this post has/will not offend American members. You guys are ok. It's just Stardoll who's not.

Stardoll Birthday Cake


I'm not sure how long it's been out because I only just found out about it today, but there's a new game celebrating Stardoll's 3rd Birthday (it's like Miley Cyrus's 16th now isn't it! We'll still be celebrating in December!). It's called Stardoll Birthday Cake. It's quite occupying but it's not very fun. Still cool to play though.
Check out my cake:
Try it, it's pretty cool I suppose.


New DIY Extension.


I was just reading the official Stardoll Magazine and I saw these new spoliers for DIY Furniture! I've always thought how awesome it would be to make your actual own clothing items on Stardoll, let alone furniture!

How cool is that? Now, Stardoll have been stupid and annoying (Superstar...) lately, but they're really making it up to us.
Or are they?
One sofa-seat is probably going to be about 2-4 Stardollars, if not more. Why? Why can't they all be 1 Stardollar? It would make the Play & Earn Stardollars more spendable.

Stay True..x


Callie.Stardoll is probably the most well-known Stardoll member. Already. So, why should she be Covergirl?
Why why why why why why why why?
There are su-oh many Stardoll members who really deserve to be Covergirl and f*cking Callie.Stardoll gets to be it!
I think so!

Stay True..x

New Club! (Again...)

Heya (for the third time today! Haha!),

Remember that club I made? SD-Blog? I deleted it a while ago. Despite all the advertising and broadcasts, members just didn't seem to join. So, I made another club today. Puh-leeeeeeease join it if you're reading this!!
If you want, you'll be able to be a writer or a model (if you're accepted). At the minute, the club's closed. As in literally - closed.
Anyway, pleeeeease join. It's called: Just-A-SD-Blog because 'another' wouldn't fit it and 'stardoll' isn't aloud! (Yeah, I know; wtf is up with that?!)

Have a look at the brief picture of the club:

Please join!

Stay True..x

Coming Never?

Hey Peeps ;)

Since it came out, most active Stardoll members have logged on and then played either 'Celeb Snapshot' or 'Style Memory'. But, surely you're getting a little bored of them now? I know I am. ¬¬ Everytime I log on, I get more excited about seeing a new game then to playing one of the two that are available now.
'Coming soon'. 'Coming never'. The second one sounds more appropriate for this. It's been like that since it came out! And we all know that was a while ago!


Stay True..x

Play with me! :)

Look Familiar?


Fame, fashion and friends. Fashion. Stardoll is about fashion aren't they? If they are so big about fashion, then why aren't they re-thinking of clothes instead of recycling them? Have a look and you'll see what I mean:
And there are a lot more but these are just some that I've noticed straight away. Stardoll can't seem to think of new clothes.. Can they?

Stay True..x

New Writer?

Heya Everyone:)

Just Another Stardoll Blog might be having another writer! There's me, Cheekymonkeymoo (although she hasn't made a post yet) and the new writer (if she accepts) is... Olio262! I'm really happy that JASB might be gaining another writer! Cross fingers she accepts! :)



Hello Readers:]
I was just playing dress up games on websites different to Stardoll. I was on: http://www.bonniegames.com/ when I saw that there was an Ashley Tisdale dress up. Naturally, I clicked it and I started playing. At first, you do her make up and hair and I didn't realise anything weird. But when I clicked the small, gold arrow, I was like 'What the f*ck?!'. Bonnie Games have copied Stardoll completely, if Stardoll know and have agreed and said okay to them doing this, I'm not sure but you can very easily see that they've copied SD. Have a look:

I think just by looking at them you can recognize it.
In the next picture, you can see their clothes and Stardoll's clothes. I didn't find everything though.
By the way, in the last picture, next to the hairs (above) the mat and the two plants are also from Stardoll.They're such copy cats!

Stay True..x

New Label!

So? Do you like it? Although I (and cheekymonkeymoo...) are the only writers for Just Another Stardoll Blog, I've made a label. :) It's very simple. :)
Kelly x


Heya. :D

I haven't written for agggesss. I'm... Sorry? Haha!

Well, play and earn. Hmmm.. Who likes it? Everyone. :D I would explain, but I'm suere everyone's read about it too many times so I won't say anything else about it. :)

New news! Not many know about this... Now, new members get like, LOADS of free things! Have a look at this! (I made an account on Stardoll just so that I could post pictures on here) It's all the free things new members get:

-A sitting chair
-A table
-Cup, bowl thingy
-Two small boxes
-10 Gifts (It says Gift 1/10 ...)
-(In all) 75 Stardollars!!! That's more then an English SMS Code!!

But Stardoll aren't doing this because they're nice, they're doing it so that they get their members to stay on Stardoll because they've obviously worked out that most (okay.. exaggerating?) of their members have only ever been on it once.
Oh, and they get free clothes:Two basic white t-shirts, a pair of trainers, a pair of sort-of see-through high heels, basic black tights, blue jeans, a black skirt and a black scarf. In all, that's 8 pieces of clothing items! Not the most fashionable things I've seen but they are all 0 Stardollars. Way unfair to the rest of us members!

Stay True..x

P.S I will try and post posts more. :)