More, more, more - hair!


Stardoll's been treating us a lot lately! New clothes, new accessories... new hair! I logged on today and saw that we have got 5 free new hairs! Although they aren't the most stylist hairs ever, they are hairs, and they are free. ;)
But, after looking at the one in the middle, then observing some others, they become rather familiar.....

There's one more that I find familiar, the one before last. But, I can't seem the find that. :L
So, yeah, Cascada, Fudge and Lena Gercke (2).
Do you think Stardoll are going to keep doing this? Using celebrities' hairs?
Oooo! MK & Ashley's hairs please!


Bring Back The Old


So, I heard a while ago (about 4-5 months now, I guess) that Stardoll were gonna bring back the old clothes. I expected proper old, like the first-ever-out clothes, but no. Stardoll have brought back the clothes that go for over 60Sd.
It's crazy, right? This swimsuit has gone for loads of money, but now is in Starplaza (Stardoll Archive) for 7Sd. It's crazy!

What else do you think Stardoll Archive have in store for us? Bringing back RAREs? Or old DKNY?


Starbazzar Finds!


Check this out:
(Click to enlarge)

I was on Stardoll's Starbazzar and I was on it for ages trying to find good prices for Rares etc. ($200 not being a good price. :L)

This just goes to show that you can find some real good things in the Starbazzar.


Just Another Stardoll MAGAZINE


I've got some really awesome news!
Me and Olio262 decided that we needed something new for the blog. This blog's been going since the end of March and it's gotten a bit boring. At first, I considered a competition, but then, the lightbulb above my head lit up.

A magazine! Next month, in July, a magazine is going to be made! Just Another Stardoll Magazine! A lot of the pages have already been made, but we're not even half way there. Me and Olio262 are going to be the main workers for JASM, but we will be having some articles by other various SD members!
Sorry about the crap quality of that picture. :L
The CG does know it's her, but she's not going to reveal herself. :)

Also, another blog will be made regarding JASM.


Are YOU drowning? ;)

Ello ello ello;)

Today, I was just browsing through Stardoll's magazine when I realised that there was yet another competition going on. So, I entered it. I have to say, it was not a very good entry, but I did try. :)
So, then after browsing in a couple of clubs and dressing up a couple of dolls, I went onto my suite, and I realised that my MeDoll was drowning!
Haha, so, I was lying. :L
If you enter the competition, you get free.... Water. Ohkay, that does sound weird. :L
But, hey! FREE! ;)

Stay True..x



Check these MeDolls out. They're clo-is-amzing, LaLaBelle.x and MissMackenzie07. The first one was the biggest improvement, followed by the second, then the third.
(Click To Enlarge)
Hope you like. :)


Estimated Hotbuys Prices


Sorry I never post Hotbuys when they come out; I am going to from now on.

I was just looking at the June Hotbuys. I think that these are one of the best Hotbuys yet! But now that Stardoll have become expensive, (really expensive), you can guess how much everything is going to be - and that's not a good thing.
Those are my estimated prices for the unreleased June Hotbuys.
I love the clothes above, but not all of them. I've already bought the flowery skirt, and when they come out, I'll probably buy number 4, number 5 (I'm definetly going to buy that top! It's so chic!) and number 6. But if my guesses are pretty much correct, then I would be spending around 25-30 Stardollars! It's outrageous!

Stay True..x


Heya. C=

Spot the difference!

(Click to enlarge)

The first picture of Miss Spears is obviously an ages-ago-doll. The second one was only recently made. The first one is hardly recognizeable! The graphics are so much more weaker in the first one then they are in the second one. They're just straight lines with materials in them. That's all. The second one's graphics are much more detailed.
Well then if that's what the graphics used to be like, why are they still like that?

It's unebelievable how lazy Stardoll have become with graphics for superstar dolls. It's outrageous. If all the dolls are going to become like this, then they can delete the 'Dolls & Games' section.

Kelly XO'

Love it!


The new underwater theme is a big hit, right? Well, today's new clothes are anyway. One of the dresses inparticular caught my eye and made me want to purchase.

I love it! The colour's are so beautiful and the shape of the dress is very cute. The best thing about all the new clothes, is that all the shapes are completely new!!! Yay!

Kelly XO'

Sephora's NOT Gone!

Hello Fabulous Readers,

Dot (the latest Stardoll make up range) are pretty expensive, right? More expensive then Sephora, right? More bright and colourful then Sephora, right? Which one do you like more because of those three things? I prefer Sephora - altogether. And I was pretty gutted when I found out that it was departing Stardoll. But, just now, I was searching for one item and realised that.... Sephora hasn't left! Look!(Click to enlarge)

Sephora's still on the Search menu! Yay!
I searched all the other colours as well to see if all the Sephora was still available, but unfortunatly, only the colours dark brown, purple and green provide Sephora (also, it's on the last page.). Pretty awesome, huh? :)

Stay True..x

Blogs Worth Looking At


Here is a list of really good Stardoll blogs to look at:
Fab Fashion - because it's got amazing outfit designs made with items and will make you go 'wow!'.
Perez Hilton Of Stardoll - because it's got stuff all about "famous" Stardoll members. Plus, the name is really cool.
Stardolls Top Designers - because it shows you amazing fashion designs and it's owned by Thatgirlsophy.
Hotbuys Bazzar/Stardolls Most Wanted - (I'm not sure which name's correct, sorry!) because everyday, it has about 2 or 3 new posts about Stardoll that any active member would want to know/see. Also, it has very good competitions that you should truly enter.

That's only 4, I'm sure you know a lot more. :) Look for advertisements on the side of some blogs to find some good blogs to read. :)


Stay True..x

Hyperlinks for blogs:
Fab Fashion -
Perez Hilton Of Stardoll -
Stardolls Top Designers -
Hotbuys Bazzar/Stardoll's Most Wanted -



A new doll! Ariel. Like her? Hmmm.. I'm not really sure.
New clothes! Ariel's cl-. Wait. There's a big gown that's not superstar!!!
Yeah, it's expensive, but it's not supestar, and that for one is crazy (for Stardoll anyway. :L). Non-supestars (and superstars) - enjoy!

Stay True..x