Sephora's NOT Gone!

Hello Fabulous Readers,

Dot (the latest Stardoll make up range) are pretty expensive, right? More expensive then Sephora, right? More bright and colourful then Sephora, right? Which one do you like more because of those three things? I prefer Sephora - altogether. And I was pretty gutted when I found out that it was departing Stardoll. But, just now, I was searching for one item and realised that.... Sephora hasn't left! Look!(Click to enlarge)

Sephora's still on the Search menu! Yay!
I searched all the other colours as well to see if all the Sephora was still available, but unfortunatly, only the colours dark brown, purple and green provide Sephora (also, it's on the last page.). Pretty awesome, huh? :)

Stay True..x