Real August HB Prices


So, today is the last day of August which means I can post the actual prices of the August HBs and compare them to my estimated prices!

My Estimated Prices:
I only got 1 right! That is number 8, the purple and black skirt. I got number 5 and number 7 completely wrong!

New Free Miley Top!

Go onto the Hannah Montana Club and watch Trailer 5 on the T.V. to recieve the Hoedown Throwdown shirt that Miley wears in Hannah Montana: The Movie!

MissMackenzie07 Becomes CG!


Thank you if you voted for her... MissMackenzie07 is finally, and officially Covergirl today!

A HUGE congratulations to Mackenzie! Well done!


Future Covergirl...


So, you might've heard of her or seen her name in the broadcasts, but I've got a friend who really, really deserves to be Covergirl. Yes, she sends out broadcasts, but not in a 'VOTE ME CG = WIN DKNY!' way, just a simple 'covergirl ? :)' way.
Read this and find out why she deserves it (it's her presentation - the black bit.):

Please, please, please vote her. She's spent over 100Stardollars on broadcasts and really deserves to be it! Plus, her suite is really good. :)


Mary-Kate & Ashley No-more-Real-Celebs Olsen!


You might've heard this, but Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen are no longer Real Celebrities on Stardoll!
I wonder what the problem behind this is. Any ideas...?

These two are the first two RCs to go off SD. Hmmmm....

September Hotbuys - Estimated prices


So, the time has come to estimate another load of Hotbuys!
Okay, so here are September's Hotbuys:

But, there's not 10 this month, there's 11! If you look, the pink big bag is Candie's:
Hmmm... And it's released in August! I wonder if that's supposed to 'ave happened...

So, here are the 11 Estimated Prices (though I kind of would lower the Candie's bag now seeing as I know it's Candie's - oh well! :):
I'm definetly going to buy the beret, it's so French Chic. I also like the leggings and the Miami top. But those three are the only ones I'm probably, probably going to buy. :)

Short Story [For Competition - PTNTM]

Heya. This is a short story for PTNTM. I know I kind of shouldn't be using JASB for this, but it was the only thing I could think of that would make sense (because of all the fonts and stuff.).

'It was a sudden flash. An unreal flash.
I stood, numb, looking at the blood pouring out of her body.
Hil, my best friend.'

Ring Ring.
Went the phone from downstairs.
"Will you get that, hon?" shouted Mum, from upstairs.
Sure! I'm your slave anyway! I thought. I was invisible to my Mum, she was always 'busy' going out on dates with any random guy. She's been trying to get a boyfriend since her and Dad split up - not working.
"Hey! It's me!" my best friend, Hilary, said.
After hearing Hilary's (or Hil, as I call her) voice on the phone, I was glad that I answered it. Hil does like my mum though to be honest, I've no idea why, she's mental!
"I thought you were never gonna call!" I said. She had agreed to call me today so that we could arrange to go out somewhere tomorrow. Why tomorrow? you ask. Tomorrow, because tomorrow's her 16th birthday. Finally. Although we're not American, to us two, 16 is the big bubble, the unlegal adult age. I was 16 a while ago and me and her went clubbing (yes, we faked our ages. We dressed up in tiny skirts and glittery tops that showed half of our basoomas - not literally - and had a great night out!), so we decided to go clubbing again, but get proper drunk this time.
"Yeah, well, tomorrow. What time are you coming to mine?" Hil asked. Oh crap, I haven't told my mum yet.
"Hang on," I said, then I shouted upstairs, "Mum, I'm staying at Hilary's tomorrow night, okay?"
"Fine, I'll look after Sarah!" shouted Mum. Fine she'll look after Sarah? Was she the child here?
"Ok, it's fine. I'll come to yours around threeish so we have enough time to get ready." I explained. I didn't even know what I was wearing. I'd just shove some tarty clothes into a bag and decide what I was going to wear when I was at Hil's.
"Ready?" said Hil. Her bright red lipstick was like neon and matched perfectly with her 5-inches-long-black-skirt. With that, she was wearing a glittery - very low-chested - white strappy top and some killer red stilletos. Her hair was tied back into a huge bun high on the back of her head. She had put glitter in her hair as well - she looked great.
I was wearing some leather jeans with a hot pink, sequined top that came down, past my waist. I had hot pink, shiny stilletos on and my hair was curled crazily and kept down. If I may say so myself, we looked like rockstars.
"Yeah, lets go and rave!" I said and with that, me and Hil were on our way to a crazy, amazing night out - or so we thought.
At 10:00pm, we arrived at Midnight, the club we were attending that night. There were crazy neon lights pinned up everywhere and loads of shiny decorations. There was a HUGE dancefloor stood in the middle of the nightclub with people already dancing on it. Two staircases on either side of the room led up to sofa-beds with curtains to draw - just in case. The music was unbelievably loud, my eardrums kind of hurt, but I didn't care. Me and Hil were gonna spend the night here and so, we needed to spend the night here well.
"Woo! This is crazy, right?" Hil shouted to me while we were on the dancefloor, raving away to a remix of 'Hook It Up' by Vanessa Hudgens.
"Tell me about it!" I shouted back, "I'm gonna go and get a cocktail, do you want one?" Hil nodded and carried on dancing with some random, fit bloke.
After I got the drinks and had handed one to Hil, she decided we needed to go into the Ladies' and sort out our make up.
"That guy I was dancing with is really fit, I like him," said Hil, while we were putting more slap on our face in the toilets, "he said his name was Brad. Brad. A cool name, huh?"
"Totally." I said.
2:07am. We had been on our feet dancing, for four hours.
Hil had got to know Brad a bit more by dancing with him. I danced by this other guy, Mike. He was also pretty fit, Brad was fitter though.
"Wanna go somewhere else? Ditch this shite hole?" said Brad, "I know a better club about a half hour away."
Me and Hil looked at eachother and nodded.
"Fine by me." I said, acting as cool as possible, seeing me and Hil were pretending to be 18.
Brad took Hil by the hand as Mike took me by the hand. I felt a shrill of excitment but also felt a tiny bit worried. What time were we gonna get back? Not too late, I hoped.
When we got outside, Brad and Mike started walking into a small field at the back of the club.
"Uh, guys? Where are we going?" I asked, catiously. My heart started to pump slightly faster as a, Mike was walking really fast, and, b, we had just walked past the carpark, where their car was supposed to be.
"Oh, we parked by the road behind the field, the carpark was full. It's not too far away." said Brad. That cooled me down slightly.
Then, all of sudden both of the guys stopped. Me and Hil looked at eachother and then up at Brad and Mike. They were about a head and a half taller then us, I'd say they were only about 19 or 20. Hah. Only.
"Urm... guys?" Hil said, "I thought the car was behind the field..."
Brad and Mike were gazing forward. "There is no car." Brad said.
A sly grin started to appear on both of their faces. Suddenly, I knew me and Hil were in deep trouble.
"But... what happened to the... I thought...where are we going....?" Hil managed to say.
Brad and Mike had a strong grip on our hands, we couldn't free ourselves. Man, they were strong.
To my horror, out of the trees that were about 6 metres away from us came 4 other men about the same age as Mike and Brad. They looked terrifying and were very, very big.
As they started getting closer, I noticed something in one of their hand's which made my heart stop beating.
He was holding a knife.
"You two are two very silly children. You shouldn't have come here." said one of the men not holding the knife.
Hil looked at me and I saw she was sort of crying. I wasn't. I was in too much shock.
The other men were getting closer and closer to us. Then they were kind of around us. Brad and Mike freed our hands - but not us. Them and the other men had formed a circle around me and Hil.
Suddenly, my whole life came out towards me. I was going to die and I didn't even say goodbye to my mother. The last thing I'd said to her was 'Shut yabbering now Mum, alright?'. I hadn't even seen my Dad for ages. Three weeks, it'd been. But the main thing that was running over and over again in my head was 'I'm going to die.'
"Do you know what's going to happen in the next few minutes?" said Mike in a teasing way.
"You're going to die." stated one of the men. His voice was low and made the hair on the back of my neck stand up straighter then Big Ben. Sweat seemed to be dripping of me from everywhere and my eyes were glued to the shiny, pointy knife in one of the men's hand.
Then they all started to laugh in a scary, jeering way. Then they did it. Not it. But they all pulled shiny, pointy knives out of their pockets. How we didn't realise that Brad and Mike were holding them while we were dancing, I don't know, but they both had one.
Then it happend. It happened.
It was a sudden, horrible flash. An unreal flash.
Two of them were on her, stabbing the knife into her.
I stood, helplessly and numb looking at the blood pouring out of her body.
Hil, my best friend.

Hope you liked it lil-miss-kool! :)

Urgh... A New Limited Edition


As sung by Demi Lovato, Here We Go Again!

New Limited Edition things have been brought out. Apparently they're to die for. Urm... No. They're not. (Well, I wouldn't say that anyway.)

Soon, every shop on SD will be limited. And to be honest, I hate it. We can't buy them! It's too expensive! Cut us some slack, Stardoll! Is what we're thinking. But what are Stardoll members thinking? Yes! Some new limited items for the Stardoll members to spend their money on. Which turns into our money! Mwahahahaaaa.

Okay. Not literally.

But, whatever, SD just needs to stop with the limited edtion stuff.


I'm Also Back! - Again!


I got back from my holiday yesterday and am now back to the Stardoll world. :)

Before I say anything, I love the new look on Stardoll!:You can see what new things SD have and you get visited more! I love it.

Anyway, I'm back and I hope the blog will be soon too. I noticed Kenzi didn't post anything at all... Hmm...
I just know me and Olivia will get back to normal very soon though. :)


I'll Be Away For A While...


I understand that Olivia has already told you that I and her will be away for a while, we are pretty much coming back at the same time, but that means that only Kenzi will be left to have to post posts so we might be a bit quiet for a week or so.

Also like Olivia said, we have already been getting CG requests from a few Stardoll members. If you have a Stardoll account and would like to be on the cover of the next JASM magazine, go here:
Join, and wait for me to accept you into the club. Then you can apply! :)


P.S. New HB shoes have been released! I love them and want them - but. I'm not SS anymore! I better make a change to that ASAP! :)

Random Outfit


I love the new theme on Stardoll 'School Girl', so I decided to make an outfit out of it:
If you notice the top I'm wearing, it looks like it can be worn as a School top because of the bow on it. Well, that only costs $6 (I think... Around that anyway!) whereas the top and tie that's on the hanger costs $10 together! So, if you use the top I'm wearing, you get it a lot cheaper. Same with these tops:
So look around before you buy anything. :)

Fall fashions

Fall Fashions


✿τнε gιrl wιτн tнε flσwεr prιnτ scαrf

kεnziγαн for just another stardoll blog

✿I have an unusual fetish with flowers; so refer to me as the flower girl or rose petals. You will know when you are reading a post by me by the small flower icon: it will begin & end each of my post(s). I'd like to think of myself as clever, mysterious and witty. I love Fashion » [writing and design] & Art » [music, photoraphy, sketching and painting]. So, many of my posts will have alot to do with those studies.

I spend a great deal of my time working on my Emagazine; it is called Légende Magazine. (Premiering Oct. 1st!) I also write alot, being that I write for my own magazine and my blog (classic 225). Outside of Stardoll, on the net of course, I often get on ™Looklet, ™Meez, ™Blogger, ™Twitter, ™Myspace, ™Facebook, ™Tagged and ™Polyvore. While away from the computer, I hang out with my friends & family, write songs, take pictures with my camera, sketch or dance. I'd like to think of myself as creative.

Thats it for now. I promise to post on a regular basis! ✿

✿τнε gιrl wιτн tнε flσwεr prιnτ scαrf

New Writer!


This is just a quick post, but we've got a new writer aboard! Her name and username is Kenziyah and she owns a blog. Check her out! :)


Three Sceneries That I Randomly Love


Have you noticed that a lot of the sceneries winner on Stardoll are not worthy winners? And that the sceneries aren't really that good? (By the way, did you see? HelloKitttyLuva won scenery yesterday!) Well, I have and I decided to go on a two second look at some sceneries. I only looked at 7, but, it was only a quick look.

These three sceneries weren't my/the best, but are very good and suprised me; none of them have won best scenery yet.

1. Dina_Da_Dino. This first scenery is very well done. Notice that both the legs are straight. It's really clever and makes a really good effect. Also, there is no sign of another doll is this picture, there are no straight body parts, or hands, just one doll with two straight legs. ;)
Rate: ****1/2

2. Again, Dina_Da_Dino! This second scenery is like a follow on from the first one, it's bigger, better and has got more to it. I love the fact that she's made the bend thing in the dress to make the bent leg look better.
Rate: *****

3. Cltreanor. This scenery is really talented but simple! The trousers are actually made with curtains, that's all! The umbrella and the bag look really good with the bent arms - a very good scenery.
Rate: *****


P.S. Click here to vote for your favourite hair!

New Way of Being CG?


So, today (2nd August) TopMedoll grandly become CG. But not by being an 'Elite' and having an unbelievebly ah-mazing suite, but by sending out approximately 165 broadcasts simply saying 'VOTE & WIN'. Thousands of people clicked on here and read on her presentation to vote her CG, then sign in her GB telling her that they've voted her CG, and then they'll instantly be entered in a hu-uge raffle!

After she did become CG, lots of people started doing exactly the same thing as her....

Take HelloKitttyLuva for instance:

Clever, eh? Now, admittedly, her suite is pretty awesome (I've only looked at one room though) but her scenery isn't a winning scenery. But, hey! Whoever votes for it could be entered in a raffle with a big price, right?

Although it's a good idea to do this, it's not really fair. Whoever does this is pratically buying votes, by sending out broadcasts and giving away the big prize.

It's a good idea, I have to admit, but just not fair. Especially on all the people who no one really knows but have an ah-mazing suite.

So, it looks like not only is TopMedoll a new Covergirl; she's a new trendsetter. ;)

P.S. Click here to vote for your favourite hair!

40,000,000 Soon!


I just realised that very soon, there will officially be 40,000,000 members on Stardoll.

It seems just yesterday when SD hit 30,000,000!

What do you reckon we'll get this time? Some tacky bag for $10 and a boring window for loads of $s? Or - cross fingers, - $40? God, I hope so. The last celebration releases were not a success!


Vanessa's Been Bandslamfied!


Have you seen the new clothes on Vanessa Hudgens 3? There's about 6 new things. Look:

There's even a mode book! But it only holds like, 4 pictures. :L

I like the hat, it's casually cute.

P.S. Click here to vote for your favourite hair!

New Month!


Pinch, punch first day of the month, is something that no one annoying did to me today!

First 0f August! New month! New Hotbuys! ;)

That's all I wanted to say! Haha!

P.S. Any English people - did you get your book signed by Katie Price today at Waterstones/WHSmith? I did! She's amazing! :)

P.P.S. Click here to vote for your favourite hair!