Three Sceneries That I Randomly Love


Have you noticed that a lot of the sceneries winner on Stardoll are not worthy winners? And that the sceneries aren't really that good? (By the way, did you see? HelloKitttyLuva won scenery yesterday!) Well, I have and I decided to go on a two second look at some sceneries. I only looked at 7, but, it was only a quick look.

These three sceneries weren't my/the best, but are very good and suprised me; none of them have won best scenery yet.

1. Dina_Da_Dino. This first scenery is very well done. Notice that both the legs are straight. It's really clever and makes a really good effect. Also, there is no sign of another doll is this picture, there are no straight body parts, or hands, just one doll with two straight legs. ;)
Rate: ****1/2

2. Again, Dina_Da_Dino! This second scenery is like a follow on from the first one, it's bigger, better and has got more to it. I love the fact that she's made the bend thing in the dress to make the bent leg look better.
Rate: *****

3. Cltreanor. This scenery is really talented but simple! The trousers are actually made with curtains, that's all! The umbrella and the bag look really good with the bent arms - a very good scenery.
Rate: *****


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