kεnziγαн for just another stardoll blog

✿I have an unusual fetish with flowers; so refer to me as the flower girl or rose petals. You will know when you are reading a post by me by the small flower icon: it will begin & end each of my post(s). I'd like to think of myself as clever, mysterious and witty. I love Fashion » [writing and design] & Art » [music, photoraphy, sketching and painting]. So, many of my posts will have alot to do with those studies.

I spend a great deal of my time working on my Emagazine; it is called Légende Magazine. (Premiering Oct. 1st!) I also write alot, being that I write for my own magazine and my blog (classic 225). Outside of Stardoll, on the net of course, I often get on ™Looklet, ™Meez, ™Blogger, ™Twitter, ™Myspace, ™Facebook, ™Tagged and ™Polyvore. While away from the computer, I hang out with my friends & family, write songs, take pictures with my camera, sketch or dance. I'd like to think of myself as creative.

Thats it for now. I promise to post on a regular basis! ✿

✿τнε gιrl wιτн tнε flσwεr prιnτ scαrf