My Own Twilight Room!


Before I start.. Have a look at the 'Hits' it's over 100! Because of the club, and because I've posted it on my presentation, lots more people have viewed it! I'm really happy! So thank YOU for visiting! :)

So, I logged onto Stardoll today and realised I wasn't superstar anymore! I was really upset and so, I texted 'DOLL' to 78889. I know - not good. But, Stardoll's a drug! ;)
I got Twilight the day it came out, well my Mum got it for me as an Easter present. Not an early one though. :( Anyway, Easter came and I got Twilight and that night, I watched it. :) And. I fell in love with Stardoll and - although I got warned that this would happen - now I'm in the 'Twilight Lovers' group. I don't care though. :)
Anyway, you know a lot of people make their suites, like, a Twilight suite? Well, I made one of my rooms a Twilight room. I spent 50 Stardollars on it, along with a lot of things I already owned. I know I need to get some hair for Bella, but at the moment, I don't have any Stardollars. So, I'll sort that out when I do get some. :P

I know I need to polish the finishing touches, but I think it's pretty good with a budget of just 50 Stardollars! For a propr look:

Stay True...xoxo

Like it?

This is an outfit I made with pure LE. The doll is: untitled_me. She owns a lot of LE and I decided to make an outfit out of it. :):

A bit expensive but cute. ;)

Grecian? I think so. :)

So, I was on (I am on! :P) Stardoll and I clicked on Toquisha's broadcast and very much took interest in her suite, well the room her MeDoll was saved in anyway. It reminded me of the Greeks. The fire, the column, the long, summery dress, the long (designed by her!) hair and the big mirrors. Take a look:

After reading through her presentation, I realised it actually is the ballet studio that Bella used to go to in Twilight! Well, that makes me like her more! I looove Twilight! I can see how it is the ballet studio now. There was also a siloutte of a ballet dancer on another mirror and a video camera! I think that's really awesome! :)

Well, Toquisha, if you read this - I love your suite!! :)

Stay True...xoxo

P.S She's got a new LE dress on!

Like It?


Have you heard of the Stardoll member: iamyourfat? A lot of people describe her as a 'newcomer' but I just describe her as an amazing designer with Stardoll objects. I was inspired by the gorgeous-hotbuy outfits she'd designed and I decided to make one of my own. :) Well kind of. It's one of hers, just made a tad bit different. :L
Have a look at it:

Like it? I do. :P

Stay True...xoxo

New LE! Finalllyy!

Heya people:)

As you probably already know, the new LE is out! Woo hoo! :)

I like it, but still - as perusual - too expensive. I haven't and am not going to buy any, despite how tempting it is. I am sticking with my argue about the high prices and will not betray it.

Here's both the pages of Limited Edition (Sorry it's not bigger):

Just a day before the LE opened and marked it's space in Starplaza, the LE section was a blueish curtain with a sign saying (something on the lines of...): LE Revamping
I dunno. :L

But anyway, if you haven't seen the new (GORGEOUS!) LE yet, go and check it out:)

Stay True..xoxo

Play with me:)

New Club!


I've made a new club (on Stardoll) for this blog. Because I couldn't fit 'Just Another Stardoll Blog' in, I simply called it: SD-Blog.
Here's the link to it and some pictures of it at the moment. :)
Join it. :)

There is going to be a big competiton when I have enough members. :) I'm going to send out a couple of broadcasts, so hopefully there will be lots by the end of the day. :)

New LE!

Hello Peeps. :)

I've been on holiday for the past couple of days, so I only just realised I recieved a message from Stardoll regarding the new LE. Just in case you haven't seen or would like to see it again, here it is:
(Sorry about the black writing on the first picture, I'm not sure if that is meant the be there. I think my computer was just being gay. Haha!) Usually, I would never consider buying LE. It's way to expensive for my liking, and to be honest not really that special! it's just so similiar to any other Stardoll brand. But I really, really like this one. It's probably going to be like, 300Stardollars for a bag, but, I can just save up. ;) I like the 'Flower Power' part, despite the cheesiness. ;) I'm not too keen on the Jumpsuit, I like the 'Hippy Chic' and not too keen on 'Vibrant Accesories', but you never know what the finished picture will look like in the Starplaza. :)

Do you like it?


Stardoll - Paperdoll heaven!

Stardoll haven't updated a lot of things, but you'd think they'd get rid of all the 'Your paperdoll heaven' on Stardoll. Especially becasuse of the new Paperdoll Heaven website created. Well, they haven't updated everything. If you go onto any doll, and click on 'play in full size', then on your bar, it doesn't say 'Stardoll - Fame, fashion and friends', it says 'Stardoll - Your paperdoll heaven':
Oh, you can't see it. Well, it does, try it if you don't believe me. :)

They really need to update!

This is not Stardoll!

Yes, this is Stardoll. But, it can't be! Well, I don't to explain why it's not. These dolls were on the 'New Free' today (8th April).
I typed in 'diva girls games' on Google, to see if I could find this game, but found something else:

So Stardoll must've teamed together with 'Diva Girls' to get more members or, money. It's a bit of a sad idea, since most Stardoll members who have visited the Diva Girls doll on Stardoll haven't heard of them and don't have the faintest idea what and who they are. Also, most of the active Stardoll members are aged between 10-16 and I doubt they're going to play with cartoon things like 'Diva Girls'.

EXCLUSIVE-Increasing Prices On Stardoll

Before I paste the fabulous article, I just want to explain what this is. On Stardoll, I posted a topic about this blog in my club (Vanessarox). I said that I am looking for writers, and I got a reply. Unfortunatly, I only got two replies from that post, but I am really thrilled with the writer I've got. :) Cheekymoneymoo. ( She had been working on an article for a while, at first she was going to write about fashion, then something more... Advanced. But in the end, she just asked me what to write about and I said something about how stupidly high the prices are getting on Stardoll, so that is exactly what she did and I was very impressed. :)
Here it is:

Since the start of 2009 Stardoll prices for most things have gone up. Hot buys & DKNY are the worst, soon follows new brands: ELLE and Philosophy and two brands of limited edition, LE and antidote, are ridiculous prices. Some shops have kept their prices reasonable. Although most of the clothes in Stardoll, pretty in pink and bisou are superstar, they still have clothes which are non-superstar and good value.

Today (6th April 2009) there was a beautiful blue hot buys dress released for 16$, but last year in June there was an equally gorgeous dress released for only 6$. That is a rise of nearly 200% and yet , as far as I’m aware, the stardollars we receive each months have not increased. Hot buys used to range 4$-8$ but now it’s more like 15$-25$.

The limited edition shops are a rip off too. When they come out, superstars who don’t have any money waste their mobile credit to buy more stardollars or get their parents to buy them more using their credit cards. Many of the millions of people using Stardoll are under 18, and therefore do not have their own credit card and depend on their parents to fund their uses of Stardoll.

Stardoll is such an excellent site and provides a huge amount of entertainment for millions of us. It’s a shame that we are able to do less and less with our stardollars every month as the prices keep increasing, and the length of time the special clothes are in the shops gets shorter.

Like it? I do. A lot. :)
So, yeah, I (kelzsprouse_1) am not the only writer for Just Another Stardoll Blog. :)
Look out for Cheekymonkeymoo.


New 'Style My MeDoll'!

This is the old 'Style My MeDoll'. The one everybody's used to. Now, there's a new one:

It's a bit confusing, but I suppose I like it. I prefer the other one, but this one's cuter. ;)
I reckon they should make it animated, so when you click on it, it's your MeDoll walking up to a dressing table and them show this and let you change your MeDoll. That's all the animation though, otherwise, it just gets annoying.

Prices Going Waaaay Too High!

I was having a look on Google, just typing in random celebrities (yes, including Robert Pattison!) and then I typed in: Stardoll. Not much came up though, just suites and small, old pictures of Stardoll. So, then I typed in: Stardoll DKNY. And they were some old pictures of when old DKNY was on sale. Some of them were too small to see every detail, but some, they shocked me.

I didn't realise, but you can't see the prices very well. You can just about see them. There is no price on the Geo Dress, in the picture, there is something covering it.

The prices are extremely low compared to the prices of the DKNY now (below). Just 7 stardollars for that dress! And just 6 Stardollars for that gorgeous bag! I get a lot of messages saying 'I'll sell my DKNY Bag for 200 Stardollars!' Yeah, as if. In the last couple of years, Stardoll's changed, some improvements and some mistakes. For us anyway. The Stardoll company must get so much money from us, and it's only a website.

I won't bother maximizing the prices, seeing as you can just go onto Stardoll and have a look yourself.

Yes, the dresses are considerably prettier, but yes they are horribley pricer. There's a dress for 22 Stardollars in that picture! Now that is expensive! The shoes are also about 7 Stardollars more then the other shoes. Again, the ones above are prettier, but it's still expensive.

Oh My God!

The first one is before. The second one is after/now. It's stupid. And extremely annoying. I payed my money for the first, realistic one, not the second cartoonish one.

This change was made before the one above, but this is a lot more annoying. It's so ugly! Stardoll's going so cartoonish lately! Even the doll's have gone ugly! The hair and facial features are lacking and it's just changed. A lot.

Over the top?

What do you think about this look? (Inspired by the new Stardoll clothes range: Dance Attitude)
Over the top? Or cute?
All together it costs about $80-$85. I know - expensive. But some people love to go extreme. :)
Personally, I wouldn't wear it or save it as my MeDoll look.
P.S Used by the new make up range: Dot!