My Own Twilight Room!


Before I start.. Have a look at the 'Hits' it's over 100! Because of the club, and because I've posted it on my presentation, lots more people have viewed it! I'm really happy! So thank YOU for visiting! :)

So, I logged onto Stardoll today and realised I wasn't superstar anymore! I was really upset and so, I texted 'DOLL' to 78889. I know - not good. But, Stardoll's a drug! ;)
I got Twilight the day it came out, well my Mum got it for me as an Easter present. Not an early one though. :( Anyway, Easter came and I got Twilight and that night, I watched it. :) And. I fell in love with Stardoll and - although I got warned that this would happen - now I'm in the 'Twilight Lovers' group. I don't care though. :)
Anyway, you know a lot of people make their suites, like, a Twilight suite? Well, I made one of my rooms a Twilight room. I spent 50 Stardollars on it, along with a lot of things I already owned. I know I need to get some hair for Bella, but at the moment, I don't have any Stardollars. So, I'll sort that out when I do get some. :P

I know I need to polish the finishing touches, but I think it's pretty good with a budget of just 50 Stardollars! For a propr look:

Stay True...xoxo