As you probably already know, the 2009 range of Kohl's has finally been released!! The last Kohl's was made by Hayden Pantierre and Avril Lavigne. But now, we've got three shops! 'Mudd' - a retro shop. Abbey Dawn - by Avril Lavigne and very punk glammer. Candie's - a very girly shop and by Britney Spears!

Admittedly, the old Candie's was cheaper then it is now, but still, it is cheap! Just $5 for a gorgeous top/dress!

I like Candie's the most. It's so girly, but not too girly. :)



Abbey Dawn:


Hit the shops now! :)


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Estimated Prices Results + Updates.


Before I start, Olivia's got her account back. :) She has no idea why and how it got hacked. Everything's back to normal now. :)

Now, today, it's the 31th of July, one more day until the first of August! So, because of that, it's time to correct myself, Estimated Prices! ;)

These are my estimated prices:

(The reason there is only five is because I was absent for about half of the month; Click the enlarge)

These are the real prices:

I got two right; 4 and 5. The second one was waaaay off! Haha! How chuffed are you that the Hotbuys Shoes are free?! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw them for the first time! Haha!


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August Hotbuys!+Estimated Prices


The new August Hotbuys have now been released! I like them, quite a lot. :) Especially the glasses and the earrings. But the skirt. Hmm... Seen that before? ;)
Time for the Estimated Prices!

(Click the enlarge)

Again, these month's Hotbuys were quite hard to estimate. There are no dresses, jumpsuits, but like I said, I like these month's Hotbuys (apart from the top and the socks.)

Make Love, Not War... ♥


Old is the new New?

Hello Readers,

Today, I clicked on the new doll 'Pixie & Peaches' for the first time. I've never really thought they were very pretty, but the dolls of them are horrible!

What's up with that? IT'S OLD! Notice how the clothes are straight and the skin colour is the same everywhere, without any shadows.

Actually, it reminds me of this...

None of the clothes go. The materials are a little too much. The shadows are really poor. It's from 2006-2007 (I'm not sure which one...). However, the picture above is from 2009. The fantastic Lady Gaga doll came out in 2009. Then how come we're recieving old dolls, where none of the clothes go...

Is there a 'Old is the new New' thing that I'm not getting?

Make Love, Not War...♥


Hair's What We Want!


So, we've all sussed that the new hairs (well, some of them...) are great. But, not extra great.

I've picked 24 hairs that dress-up-dolls of Stardoll have that would be great to have. But I don't know what's the greatest...

That's where you come in...

Here are the 24 hairs I've picked (my apoligies if you don't really like any of them):

(Click to enlarge)

And now is a poll for you to vote on which one you love most:

Get voting! :)


P.S. When I saty 'Which hair is your favourite?', I mean 'Which hair would you prefer to have on your MeDoll?'. They're basically the same, but whatever. :)



The new Elle has been released! It's gorgeous, but expensive. The last the collections of Elle have been a reasonable price, seeing as it is designer, but now, it's really expensive. One small bag is $12!

I think I'll just wait until they're on sale. ;)

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Six New Hairstyles!

Six new hairstyles have arrived to the Styling Studio!
I personally think that they've been added because of the look-a-like competition.
Good? Or bad?

I think bad (only if it is on behalf of the competition) because the hair is the only actual detail that can show who you're trying to look like. It's a very easier competition now.

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Play With Me:)

Sorry only half of the June Hotbuys are on here.

July Estimated Hotbuys Prices


So, as I said in the last post, I will be doing this monthly. So this is second of the rest to come...

I found this month's hotbuys quite hard to estimate. They're all so... average?

The swimsuit - seen a top like that already

The shoes - cute, but they don't have a 'spark'

The second shoes - mmph...

The bag - LE?

But I like the jumpsuit. The pattern is so chic. Animal patterns (faux, of course) are so in.

Enjoy. ♥


Estimated Hotbuys Prices - Wrong!


Remember at the beginning of June, I estimated the prices of the June Hotbuys? Well, some I got very close too, I don't think I was accurate on any of them, but still... Close. ;)

Here are the estimated prices I made:

Here are the actual prices:

So I got numbers 1 and 8 right, the others I got wrong. The one I got most wrong was number 6. It's a gorgeous dress, but... $16?! It's not DKNY!

Scroll up for the July estimated Hotbuys!

Make Love, Not War...♥


P.S. I've decided that I will estimate the Hotbuys every month. I'll try to post it before any of them release.

I'm Also Back!

Long time no see!

Now, I am aware that not many people actually check on JASB to see the latest posts, but I'm back and I'm sorry I've been away for so long! There have been some... technical problems. But, I'm back now and I'm going to try and post loads of posts!

Make love, not war...♥


P.S. The reason I have a new banner is because the old one got deleted, I like this one a lot more anyway. :)