Just Another Stardoll Magazine [EXCLUSIVE!]

Here's a random magazine Kelzsprouse_1 decided to make. :) ENJOY. :)

New Website: JASB+


So, after thinking about this for a while, I decided to create a website for things related the JASB. So it's not a blog, but things to do with this blog. Like, writer applications, JASB T-Shirts, and other stuff that I add when they get created. It's made on Freewebs and lets you become a member of it (JASB+).

If you have any ideas or comments about it, contact me on Stardoll or at forstardoll1@hotmail.co.uk.

Thank you.


Click here to go to the website.

October Estimated Prices+Actual Prices


Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Homework fills up a lot of space!

So, now that it's October (just 3 months until Christmas!!), I can post the Estimated Prices and the Actual HBs Prices from last month.

Here are the Actual Prices:

And here are the Estimated Prices:



MeDoll Makeover: Alysaw


After that Room Makeover thing I did, I've been asked to do just a MeDoll makeover by Alysaw. So, lets look at it. :)

MeDoll Makeover: Alysaw

First, we've got Alysaw's makeover that I (some) used.

Now, we've the accessories that (some) I used.

And finally, we've got the before & after pictures and how to get that look.

ALSO CHANGE: Skin colour, to pale. Hair colour, to black.
ALSO ADD: Black eye pencil, volume mascara.
Hoped you enjoyed it Alysaw!

New LE! = Lush!


Apparently, we've all recieved a message telling us about LE, but I just used this picture from Stardolls Top Designer.

I love it! The dress that the girl's wearing is amazing! But... one problem.
The price.

But that doesn't matter, look at them! They're all really nice! I reckon better then the last collection (the first one is still at no. 1 though!). So, check out the Starplaza on monday. :)


Room Makeover: Chinchilanikki


I'm not sure if this is gonna be a monthly/weekly thing or if it's just exclusive, but I've decided to do a room makeover as the posts here have really started to decrease. The victim is Chinchilanikki*. I've redone one of her rooms and her MeDoll's outfit.

Room Makeover: Chinchilanikki

First, we've got the room, before and after.

In the before, it looked kind of messy. If you're going to do room-in-room, then do it right. You have to make sure it doesn't look tacky or messy. Make sure to put things in the right places and don't put items in there for the sake of it e.g. the plate of doughnuts on the chandler. The colours (and themes) also have to go. You can't try and put black & white with yellow & blue. Don't over do it. Keep it sweet 'n' simple.This is the clothes B&A. Like the interior, you have to make sure the colours go - the black and white with the pink bag don't go. Take away the bag and add a few accesories and that outfit's chic, but with the pink bag, it all changes. In the after outfit, it's very sophisticated. But simple. A cute dress, some heals, a few accesories and a bag = perfect!

I hope you enjoyed it! :)


P.S. If you would like a room makeover, contact me at forstardoll1@hotmail.co.uk or send me a message to Kelzsprouse_1. :)

*Please don't take this personally. None of this. This is just a bit of fun and a game - I hope you enjoyed it! :)

40,000,000 Members - finally!


Stardoll have finally reached to goal! We now have over 40,000,000 members!

But.... The newly released clothes/ballons/cake/sparkles aren't free. :/$15 for that sparkle? Wtf?


JASM Has To Come To An End - already!

School's started, more homework has been given out, our time gets taken up, and so, Stardoll-related productions get stopped and closed.
Yes, Just Another Stardoll Magazine is shutting down after just one issue. We were planning to release one in November, but we haven't got enough time to do a proper, full magazine. I have decided to do very, very small issues when events come up e.g. Halloween, Christmas. But literally, 2-5 pages.
Me and Olivia both think it's for the best that JASM closes. That way, there's less stress about getting it done.

Goodbye JASM.


New Kohls!


There have been new Kohls released in Candie's, Abbey Dawn & Mudd! All of them! So, the other clothes have been taken away and replaced by some new ones. I prefer the old ones by far.

This is a combined outfit of some clothes in all the three SD shops (the items that I like - not the only ones though.):
This is a combind outfit of some clothes in all the three SD shops (the items that I don't like - again, not the only ones. ;):

Have a look at them and see if you like them! :)


40,000,000 Rapidly Coming!


Yesterday (or two days ago, I'm not sure!) Olivia posted something about 40,000,000 members and that it's coming quickly. Well, look at the difference!
One/two days agoToday

That's a difference of 103,073 in just one/two days!! That's a lot of members!

What do you think Stardoll are going to do this year? I really really really hope they give us $$ and don't release some tacky bag that costs $10 that almost no one buys!




For any English people, you'll know that around this time, kids have started to go back to school here. I went back today.
I'm going to be getting a lot of homework. So, I won't be on here as much. So, I apoligize if the posts from me starts to decrease.


P.S. Sorry that there is no banner, I don't see the point of posting one at such a small post. :)

You Follow Us, We Follow You!


Do you own a Blogspot? A Stardoll-related one? If so, follow us! And then we'll follow you!

All you've got to do is follow us and then send me a message about it on Stardoll saying what your Blogger username is (my username being Kelzsprouse_1).

Tell people about this also! :)

Thank you! :) x

Real August HB Prices


So, today is the last day of August which means I can post the actual prices of the August HBs and compare them to my estimated prices!

My Estimated Prices:
I only got 1 right! That is number 8, the purple and black skirt. I got number 5 and number 7 completely wrong!

New Free Miley Top!

Go onto the Hannah Montana Club and watch Trailer 5 on the T.V. to recieve the Hoedown Throwdown shirt that Miley wears in Hannah Montana: The Movie!

MissMackenzie07 Becomes CG!


Thank you if you voted for her... MissMackenzie07 is finally, and officially Covergirl today!

A HUGE congratulations to Mackenzie! Well done!