Room Makeover: Chinchilanikki


I'm not sure if this is gonna be a monthly/weekly thing or if it's just exclusive, but I've decided to do a room makeover as the posts here have really started to decrease. The victim is Chinchilanikki*. I've redone one of her rooms and her MeDoll's outfit.

Room Makeover: Chinchilanikki

First, we've got the room, before and after.

In the before, it looked kind of messy. If you're going to do room-in-room, then do it right. You have to make sure it doesn't look tacky or messy. Make sure to put things in the right places and don't put items in there for the sake of it e.g. the plate of doughnuts on the chandler. The colours (and themes) also have to go. You can't try and put black & white with yellow & blue. Don't over do it. Keep it sweet 'n' simple.This is the clothes B&A. Like the interior, you have to make sure the colours go - the black and white with the pink bag don't go. Take away the bag and add a few accesories and that outfit's chic, but with the pink bag, it all changes. In the after outfit, it's very sophisticated. But simple. A cute dress, some heals, a few accesories and a bag = perfect!

I hope you enjoyed it! :)


P.S. If you would like a room makeover, contact me at or send me a message to Kelzsprouse_1. :)

*Please don't take this personally. None of this. This is just a bit of fun and a game - I hope you enjoyed it! :)