Old is the new New?

Hello Readers,

Today, I clicked on the new doll 'Pixie & Peaches' for the first time. I've never really thought they were very pretty, but the dolls of them are horrible!

What's up with that? IT'S OLD! Notice how the clothes are straight and the skin colour is the same everywhere, without any shadows.

Actually, it reminds me of this...

None of the clothes go. The materials are a little too much. The shadows are really poor. It's from 2006-2007 (I'm not sure which one...). However, the picture above is from 2009. The fantastic Lady Gaga doll came out in 2009. Then how come we're recieving old dolls, where none of the clothes go...

Is there a 'Old is the new New' thing that I'm not getting?

Make Love, Not War...♥