New LE!

Hello Peeps. :)

I've been on holiday for the past couple of days, so I only just realised I recieved a message from Stardoll regarding the new LE. Just in case you haven't seen or would like to see it again, here it is:
(Sorry about the black writing on the first picture, I'm not sure if that is meant the be there. I think my computer was just being gay. Haha!) Usually, I would never consider buying LE. It's way to expensive for my liking, and to be honest not really that special! it's just so similiar to any other Stardoll brand. But I really, really like this one. It's probably going to be like, 300Stardollars for a bag, but, I can just save up. ;) I like the 'Flower Power' part, despite the cheesiness. ;) I'm not too keen on the Jumpsuit, I like the 'Hippy Chic' and not too keen on 'Vibrant Accesories', but you never know what the finished picture will look like in the Starplaza. :)

Do you like it?