Grecian? I think so. :)

So, I was on (I am on! :P) Stardoll and I clicked on Toquisha's broadcast and very much took interest in her suite, well the room her MeDoll was saved in anyway. It reminded me of the Greeks. The fire, the column, the long, summery dress, the long (designed by her!) hair and the big mirrors. Take a look:

After reading through her presentation, I realised it actually is the ballet studio that Bella used to go to in Twilight! Well, that makes me like her more! I looove Twilight! I can see how it is the ballet studio now. There was also a siloutte of a ballet dancer on another mirror and a video camera! I think that's really awesome! :)

Well, Toquisha, if you read this - I love your suite!! :)

Stay True...xoxo

P.S She's got a new LE dress on!