EXCLUSIVE-Increasing Prices On Stardoll

Before I paste the fabulous article, I just want to explain what this is. On Stardoll, I posted a topic about this blog in my club (Vanessarox). I said that I am looking for writers, and I got a reply. Unfortunatly, I only got two replies from that post, but I am really thrilled with the writer I've got. :) Cheekymoneymoo. (http://www.stardoll.com/en/user/?id=13322447) She had been working on an article for a while, at first she was going to write about fashion, then something more... Advanced. But in the end, she just asked me what to write about and I said something about how stupidly high the prices are getting on Stardoll, so that is exactly what she did and I was very impressed. :)
Here it is:

Since the start of 2009 Stardoll prices for most things have gone up. Hot buys & DKNY are the worst, soon follows new brands: ELLE and Philosophy and two brands of limited edition, LE and antidote, are ridiculous prices. Some shops have kept their prices reasonable. Although most of the clothes in Stardoll, pretty in pink and bisou are superstar, they still have clothes which are non-superstar and good value.

Today (6th April 2009) there was a beautiful blue hot buys dress released for 16$, but last year in June there was an equally gorgeous dress released for only 6$. That is a rise of nearly 200% and yet , as far as I’m aware, the stardollars we receive each months have not increased. Hot buys used to range 4$-8$ but now it’s more like 15$-25$.

The limited edition shops are a rip off too. When they come out, superstars who don’t have any money waste their mobile credit to buy more stardollars or get their parents to buy them more using their credit cards. Many of the millions of people using Stardoll are under 18, and therefore do not have their own credit card and depend on their parents to fund their uses of Stardoll.

Stardoll is such an excellent site and provides a huge amount of entertainment for millions of us. It’s a shame that we are able to do less and less with our stardollars every month as the prices keep increasing, and the length of time the special clothes are in the shops gets shorter.

Like it? I do. A lot. :)
So, yeah, I (kelzsprouse_1) am not the only writer for Just Another Stardoll Blog. :)
Look out for Cheekymonkeymoo.