Prices Going Waaaay Too High!

I was having a look on Google, just typing in random celebrities (yes, including Robert Pattison!) and then I typed in: Stardoll. Not much came up though, just suites and small, old pictures of Stardoll. So, then I typed in: Stardoll DKNY. And they were some old pictures of when old DKNY was on sale. Some of them were too small to see every detail, but some, they shocked me.

I didn't realise, but you can't see the prices very well. You can just about see them. There is no price on the Geo Dress, in the picture, there is something covering it.

The prices are extremely low compared to the prices of the DKNY now (below). Just 7 stardollars for that dress! And just 6 Stardollars for that gorgeous bag! I get a lot of messages saying 'I'll sell my DKNY Bag for 200 Stardollars!' Yeah, as if. In the last couple of years, Stardoll's changed, some improvements and some mistakes. For us anyway. The Stardoll company must get so much money from us, and it's only a website.

I won't bother maximizing the prices, seeing as you can just go onto Stardoll and have a look yourself.

Yes, the dresses are considerably prettier, but yes they are horribley pricer. There's a dress for 22 Stardollars in that picture! Now that is expensive! The shoes are also about 7 Stardollars more then the other shoes. Again, the ones above are prettier, but it's still expensive.