New Way of Being CG?


So, today (2nd August) TopMedoll grandly become CG. But not by being an 'Elite' and having an unbelievebly ah-mazing suite, but by sending out approximately 165 broadcasts simply saying 'VOTE & WIN'. Thousands of people clicked on here and read on her presentation to vote her CG, then sign in her GB telling her that they've voted her CG, and then they'll instantly be entered in a hu-uge raffle!

After she did become CG, lots of people started doing exactly the same thing as her....

Take HelloKitttyLuva for instance:

Clever, eh? Now, admittedly, her suite is pretty awesome (I've only looked at one room though) but her scenery isn't a winning scenery. But, hey! Whoever votes for it could be entered in a raffle with a big price, right?

Although it's a good idea to do this, it's not really fair. Whoever does this is pratically buying votes, by sending out broadcasts and giving away the big prize.

It's a good idea, I have to admit, but just not fair. Especially on all the people who no one really knows but have an ah-mazing suite.

So, it looks like not only is TopMedoll a new Covergirl; she's a new trendsetter. ;)

P.S. Click here to vote for your favourite hair!