Estimated Hotbuys Prices


Sorry I never post Hotbuys when they come out; I am going to from now on.

I was just looking at the June Hotbuys. I think that these are one of the best Hotbuys yet! But now that Stardoll have become expensive, (really expensive), you can guess how much everything is going to be - and that's not a good thing.
Those are my estimated prices for the unreleased June Hotbuys.
I love the clothes above, but not all of them. I've already bought the flowery skirt, and when they come out, I'll probably buy number 4, number 5 (I'm definetly going to buy that top! It's so chic!) and number 6. But if my guesses are pretty much correct, then I would be spending around 25-30 Stardollars! It's outrageous!

Stay True..x