Hello Readers:]
I was just playing dress up games on websites different to Stardoll. I was on: when I saw that there was an Ashley Tisdale dress up. Naturally, I clicked it and I started playing. At first, you do her make up and hair and I didn't realise anything weird. But when I clicked the small, gold arrow, I was like 'What the f*ck?!'. Bonnie Games have copied Stardoll completely, if Stardoll know and have agreed and said okay to them doing this, I'm not sure but you can very easily see that they've copied SD. Have a look:

I think just by looking at them you can recognize it.
In the next picture, you can see their clothes and Stardoll's clothes. I didn't find everything though.
By the way, in the last picture, next to the hairs (above) the mat and the two plants are also from Stardoll.They're such copy cats!

Stay True..x