Like My Designs? :)


So, yesterday, I couldn't stand not being SS any longer and sent 'DOLL' to 78889 and became Superstar once again.
With the 50 Stardollars and my 14 I'd been saving up + the Play & Earn money and started spending! (I bought the new HB Blue bag! I l-o-v-e it!). I decided to finally buy some designs of mine that I'd been waiting to buy (and Thatgirlsophy's ah-mazing Topshop top!). Here they are:I made the Jonas Brothers one Joe instead of Nick or Kevin because he's my fave. Plus, his name is a lot easier to do. Haha!
I made New Moon instead of Twilight and/or Eclipse because I'd just finished reading it and it's also (in my opinion) the easiest to make.
The Chanel one. Well, personally, I love it. I thought of the idea and I think it came out pretty good!
And the last 0ne, well, I only made it because I only had to spend $2 on it! Haha!

Did you catch that? I only had to spend $2 on a top - that usually costs about... $6? It's because Simple and Stardoll have paired together to advertise eachother (most probably anyway!). Well, they're onlt $2 because of a competition going on, but if they weren't pairing together, then there wouldn't be any competition. :)

Stay True..x