American Dolls vs English Dolls

Ello :)

The obvious winner out of the two countries in the title is obvious. America. But does that mean that the American dolls on Stardoll have to win? No. There are obviously more American members then there are English on Stardoll, but there are still millions of English members, so why can't we get good dolls?
Have a look at this:
This is an American celeb (click to enlarge). Look at all the details. The colour, the hair, the clothes etc. . It all looks real. But it's an American celebrity. What do you expect?

This is an English celeb. Now notice
lack of details. The colour, the hair, the face. Leona's hair is not that colour and her skin is certainly not that colour. The face is also not very real and/or alike. But again, what do you expect? It's an English celeb.

Well I think that settles it. The American celebrities on Stardoll look more real, get more real clothes (and also clothes that they have worn) and altogether get a better Stardoll doll. Stardoll just can't be bothered to impress English (and other countries; I'm not good at geography. Haha!) members.

Stay True..x

P.S. I hope this post has/will not offend American members. You guys are ok. It's just Stardoll who's not.