Tired of Stardoll?

Hey Readers,

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've been on a school trip.

So, I logged on to Stardoll after about 4 days of an absence to find out that my superstar had ran out. Great.
Also, I saw that the new Philosophy was out (thanks for posting that Olivia!). I don't/didn't have any Stardollars.
After logging on here and checking on my updates, I saw the new Hotbuys are coming out soon. Expensive!
I haven't got any Stardollars to buy all these things! The prices are outrageous! $24 for a (gorgeous...) dress! Oh my God!
I just really cannot be bothered with Stardoll anymore. But at the same time I can be bothered with Stardoll. It's obsessive. In a bad way. Stardoll's the thing I do. I turn on my laptop, click on Mozilla Firefox and log onto my homepage: Stardoll.
Despite that, I want to leave Stardoll. I am TIRED of the prices! Stardoll used to be a friendly website - THAT WAS CHEAP - but now is a bitchy expensive website.
I'm might leave. Or at least not spend anymore money on it. Try.